Friday, 18 April 2008

You're The One That I Want

The leather jacket can be tricky. The “what’s hot” trend, cut & style changes almost monthly and don’t even get me started on colour; Black too biker? Brown too common? Blue/Pink/Green too 1982?

It’s a tough look to pull off and needs to always be balanced appropriately or one runs the risk of giving out the “I just arrived on the back of my dirty, bearded, foul mouthed boyfriends Harley”. Unless this is the look you are after (each to their own) I’ve put together a kind of “How to.......” list:

Mud Rules For Successful Leather Jacket Wearing

1) Try to limit other leather items to shoes (less is more) and handbags only – not sure the Oliver Newton John leather trousers from her Sandra Dee days will work with your new leather jacket, oversized leather clutch and knee high leather boots. Screams OTT!

2) If purchasing a brand new and therefore pricy leather jacket be sure to choose carefully – go for a classic (some may say safe or even boring) style and colour (i.e. Chocolate Brown Blazer) rather than splashing half your pay packet on the cut and shade of the moment. On the other hand If you find the perfect ‘bomber’ for a £10er at Portobello Road go for it, if bombers are out next week you can easily recover.

3) If you must have a black biker leather, balance the look with a soft dress underneath. Choose frills, lace, pastels or florals to counteract the toughness a biker brings to an outfit.

4) If possible purchase leather abroad – some of the best leather comes out of South America especially Argentina. My recommendation is to never skimp on the manufacturing cost, this means buy in a cheap country but go for the most expensive one there. If you are traveling on the pound all the better.

5) Always spray your jacket with leather protector – people tend to think protector spray is for footwear only, I use it on all leather handbags and jackets. Especially here in London with the emotional weather we seem to have to deal with daily.

Happy Leather Jacket Wearing.

2 people have commented:

Anonymous said...

How about the softness of the leather?

How come everytime I look for leather jackets; out of the 200 I browse through, the only one I like it's the one that costs 450 quid?

Francis Girard said...

Yes, Yes softness is a huge factor, how could I forget that???
Price is a problem, thats why second hand is the way to go. Try the little old man at Portobello beside the boot girl at the opposite end of the Ladbroke Grove entrance. He's always up for a bargin also esp around half 5/6 on Sat evenings x