Monday, 21 April 2008

Does this come in Emerald Green?

Flatting in London is tough. Space is limited, hot water runs out (in winter), lights short circuit, doors fall off their hinges and land lords seriously suck. I currently live in the basement flat (which may have been the servant’s quarters in the yesteryear) of a lovely 1956 Mansion block. I live with 2 uber stylish Aussie girls in a terribly posh suburb of West London. Our flat is small, dark, underground, televisionless, sometimes damp & chilly but terribly hip. We love it and it’s kind of cheap- for London standards anyway.

Tink who has been a friend for more than 10 years lives in Bedroom Number 1 with yours truly residing in number 2 and Chloe in the quieter of the 3 rooms. Tink recently returned from yet another trip home to Australia to visit her lovely (also Australian) boyfriend – on her arrival back to London Town her suitcase seemed to burst in some kind of volcanic manner with all the colours of the rainbow. With an obvious summer frame of mind (wishful thinking) Tink went into over drive purchasing stacks of florals and sunny weather inspired prints. Her room seemed a sea of canary yellow, beautiful fuchsia pinks, the brightest of reds and lots of lots of yummy sorbet coloured greens.

Her closet looks so gorgeous now it’s all hung and somewhat organised, it reminds me of one of those quaint vintage stores that display all their clothes in actual bedroom furniture; however, Tink favours high end labels over the much loved, dusty, second hand garments that grace my coat hangers.

I've diagnosed Tink with a syndrome I like to call “Does this come in other colours?” you may be familiar with this condition and may even suffer from it yourself, an example of this follows:

When a pair of cute sandals recently presented themselves on an overseas holiday Tink initially picked them up in a lemony patent colour (perfect for Spring), however, also fancied the same shoe in electric blue, she simply, no questions asked, no reservations, parted with the cash for both pairs.
This has become quite a pattern for Tink and something that may need to be addressed when considering saving for ones future nest egg. Recently she returned from a spree at Charles and Keith at Singapore airport with a preppy pair of black patent Mary Jane’s with the cutest cream coloured piping, only to then stumble across the exact same pair in the reverse; cream with black piping – “I’ll have both thanks” a definite victim of the “DTCIOC” syndrome.

Tink has come from a long line of stylish women with a Nanny who hands down her antique diamonds and vintage Oroton glow mesh purses and a mother who wears full skirts with tulle petticoats and favours classic labels like Covers and Harry Who (huge hit with fashion savvy Australian Mothers). I think if reincarnation really did exist I would come back as the 4th generation Tink (A-Bell) Heiress – what a stylish life I would lead…... and I'd have 2 of everything.

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Anonymous said...

Last year I was complaining bitterly to Mum about the rising cost of living for 25yr olds.She made a suggestion.'Darling,put all those beads round your neck,carry all those handbags,layer each dress,skirt & silk top and try on all the shoes and see if you can work out a pattern!'

Rachel said...

If I find a pair of pants that actually fit (I do prefer dresses, but sometimes pants are essential) I buy at least 2. I bought 2 of the same pants last winter, and i'm regretting not buying a third pair at the time. As for this nest egg business - doesn't a gloriously rich, generous, gorgeous man come and save the wardrobe?

Anonymous said...

Tink probably does have two of evrything ...including two credit cards!

AlicePleasance said...

Her closet sounds really great!!!