Sunday, 27 April 2008

Seek & you will find

Before I moved to London I didn't really ever have the need for a coat let alone spent any time considering coat specifics i.e. winter coat, spring coat, summer coat, in between coat, evening coat, water proof coat, easy to travel with/all seasons coat............... this is the stuff that migraines are made of I tell you.
Now that the London sun seems to be making a genuine effort to stick around longer than 5 minute intervals I have begun to think about the all important wardrobe essential known to us locals as 'The Transition Coat'. This indispensable piece of outerwear is required in between the very unpredictable seasons we experience here in Greater Britain.
The safe option is always the standard beige trench (safe, smart but also done) so in keeping with the Military/Nautical theme that I and the rest of London seemed to be a channelling of late I’m looking for the perfect Spring Pea Coat. Over the years I have purchased so many ‘just not right’ transition coats so SS08 will see me holding off until the prefect one makes itself available to me.

The fabric and colour are the most important elements when on the hunt for this seasonal specific item. I’m looking for a heavy drill, not too heavy as to encourage heat but not too light that it creases as soon I hit the underground. I’m thinking a nice Royal Blue over the popular Navy shade – just to shake it up (crazy I know) as Winter saw me donning quite a bit of Navy, ode to my sailor obsession.

The lovely Rhianna of Liebemarlene teased me with my dream pea coat a few weeks back, I was hoping and praying she would put it in her Ebay store, alas, she kept it for herself (a somewhat selfish but wise fashion decision on her behalf). The always over rated Alexa Chung also sported a sweet coat at the launch for The Elle Style Awards a couple of months back and then there are the Moschino “I can only dream” about coats, however, since they are RTW AW08-09 they seem to be a little heavy on the fabric & embellishment front. Note: the frills & bows - be still my beating heart.

I’m convincing myself patience is a virtue with this purchase I just hope the ever elusive transition season stays around long enough for me to seek, find and wear. Here’s hoping.

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Make Do & Mend said...

Joseph and Gant did great ones in the winter - know what you mean about transistion phase. I've gone for obvious trench but had a lucky find with a white jacket in TK Maxx