Wednesday, 9 April 2008

I Do

A friend of mine recently married – I guess some may call it “shot gun” others “visa issues” some may even refer to it as “anything for love” which ever way you look at it the important part is that the couple in question are truly in love, that beautiful serious type of love, deep ‘we work really well together’ kind of love.

Due to the ‘hastiness' of this event the bride was logistically challenged to say the least and therefore unable to have “everything she had once dreamed of” there was no time to search for the perfect dress/s, the ideal venue, the choice of champagne and style of bite sized small foods (canapé I think they call them?) – I got to thinking if I had to be married in a fortnight how would I cope? could I keep it together? This particular bride coped with a ridiculous amount of grace and dignity; she looked simply beautiful and not once seemed at all fazed by her ‘perfectly flawed’, oxymoronic wedding day.

The more I thought about this the more I began to sweat, wriggle in my seat and kind of panic, I then, of course realised I wasn’t actually getting married at all, I was simply writing about this scary situation for other peoples reading pleasure. Phew.

I figured the only thing I was 100% sure of was that I would/will not be wearing any type of veil. You see I find this veil thing a little bit silly and I don’t fully understand the tradition or purpose of it – lets be honest ladies the majority of us have had a slumber party of sorts with our handsome fiancé at some point prior to the big day??? However keeping in mind weddings are a very personal thing and for those who have gone before and pulled off the veil – I salute you.

In conclusion, if I was lucky enough to have one of those 'wedding planner fairy god mother ladies' I’d ask her to magically bring all the people I love together in some type of lovely garden party arrangement, there would be no fancy fabric hanging over my face, I would have a major, once in a life time crush on the groom and I would wear this pretty, mint coloured Valentino gown rumoured to have been made to measure for the late Jacquelyn Kennedy Onassis back in 1967 and brought back to the forefront by Miss Lopez for the 75th Annual Academy Awards.

Sounds like a nice day doesn’t it?

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