Monday, 28 April 2008

Whose line is it anyway?

I figured there was no real point to a day by day break down of Australian Fashion Week (SAFW SS08/09) here on MOMTD for 2 reasons really:
1. By the time I have had the chance to cover a show my loyal Aussie fans will have seen (if you're one of the lucky ones) and read all about it 10 hours prior to it reaching me.
2. I haven’t lived there for nearly 2 years so my opinion is based solely on what I read on line, Australian Vogue when I can get my hands on it (a rare find) and what my Mum sends via care package (handy hint: can be risky, I advise to always give the mother a style code, they can’t go wrong this way).

What I’m really interested in though is the front row? Who’s in it? How they got there? And most importantly what they are wearing? Let’s hope those super impatient official photographers get right in there and send some inside scoop over to their expats here in the UK.

I do however wish all those involved the very best for what I’m sure will be yet another super successful week of home grown style and edge.

Let the show (& "constructive" criticism) begin....

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Anonymous said...

Mischa Barton was in the front row for the opening there's a girl who perhaps should think a little before speaking or just not speak at all. Saw her interviewed the night before and it was cringe worthy! Took her self way too seriously for someone who had a stock standard response of "Ya like, you know". Paris Hilton eat your heart out.