Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Alliteration At Its Best

SS08 brought us frilly, floral, fabulous fabrics across the board and although my Brit readers may see this post as yesterdays news considering the story springs from last months Vogue (UK) my many loyal Australian readers (see Fleur Wood for some home grown accessible fabric treats) will enjoy for the first time these beautiful, soft images of the ever lovely Michelle Williams.

The April issue gave us this whimsical special on one of America’s most beautiful chameleons. She is simply lovely and emulates the most gorgeous elfin like feel in this story. The soft pastels and slightly fuzzy/smoky images seem to bring the story out of some type of dream sequence and onto the pages of our favourite glossy.

The tap shoes, ballet tights and pearls are my favourite combination here - this pic has inspired me to ask my Mum to get herself up into our attic and dust off my old dancing shoes, I’m sure she could find these exact shoes up there. Coloured ribbons as laces could be a nice touch also. I’m thinking navy grosgrain.

I get a child like spirit from these images but not that dirty Lolita type spirit but more the inner child fighting against her real, grown up, serious spirit. Innocence is such a rare and special gift; its such a shame we only have it for a small amount of time in our lives before the world selfishly steals it back again. Let’s hope her little girl keeps hers for a few more years just until her mother learns to jump on beds, smile and wear pretty hair decorations again.

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susie_bubble said...

Loved that editorial.... Michelle Williams does have this aura about her which make her suited to that frilly aesthetic....