Sunday, 20 April 2008

Reading in the bath

The boyfriend buys me books, lots of very cool, pretty covered, fashion related books. They are usually a surprise and he tends to present me with this fashionable reading material on Friday evenings when we meet for our after work cocktail ritual in the ever lovely Covent Garden.

My favourite was this gorgeous Vintage Fashion coffee table book - it talks about collecting and wearing and runs from the "Belle Epoque" 1900's - through to the unfortunate 1980's. My favourite part is the list in the back of the book, the author has compiled a who's who of vintage fashion museums and collections all over the world. Very Handy.

And this lovely pocket sized copy of The Fashion Book, it is so cute and in alphabetical order lists all the greats from designers to models to photographers and editors alike. The cover is a little wrinkled/water damaged because I read it cover to cover in the tub. Gael is very sweet and the most personal touch was where he drew an asterisk under the G section and added me as “Society Fashionista”. Very Cute. *

* Note the use of my real name - keep it under your Beret.

………and most recently when I mentioned that I wanted to “market” my blog a little more, I received this:


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susie_bubble said...

Hehe...those For Dummies books are quite a laugh.... I'm jealous that your boyf gifts you such lovely coffee table tomes though...