Monday, 2 June 2008

Flash Floods and Mondays

What a roller coaster of emotion this weekend was. Firstly, I was guest of honour at a lovely soiree in Notting Hill to mark 30 years of stylish living (outfit details will follow, watch this space). Secondly, I woke to the very sad news that at 71 years young International Fashion Great Yves Saint Laurent has passed, what a huge loss to the world of fashion and couture. Finally, as I sat feeling slightly melancholy and taking in how his legacy will undeniably remain, an invite to the Dior Sale Preview appeared in my flat. The Irony considering Saint Laurent worked for Dior for many a year was just a little too much and seemed to push me over the edge. The sadness came as such a surprise, reminiscent to that of a flash flood, big, fat, fall on your breast type tears were rolling, a face full of black mascara (clearly not water proof) and an uncontrollable runny nose. Was I grieving a man I'd never met? Was I over excited by the presence of the invite? Was I being a crazy emotional girl? I suspect this sudden case of depression was a combination of all of the above, the aftermath of the incredible amount of French Martinis consumed at my soiree, the realization that I’m 30 and the fact that it's Monday.

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pretty face said...

Aw that's adorable! I'm sure it was a combination, although I must admit that I did shed a tear or two when Heath Ledger died.

Also wow, how did you manage to score that Dior invite? I'm very impressed.

Make Do & Mend said...

Being tired and emotional is allowed!
good invite too ....

Lady Melbourne said...

I don't think we've exchanged links yet but I've noticed your comments- appologies for not getting back to you sooner!
I will make sure you are added to my reading list today.

Cheryl Pastor said...

Your posts just keep getting "gooder and gooder," as old sourthern folk used to say (and still do in some areas). Congrats on the invite to DIOR. You must be doing something right, my girl.

Very saddened by the news of St. Laurent's death. He was one of the few designers, in my opinion, that could impeccably dress both men and women.

I wholeheartedly agree with make do and mend, emotional breakdowns are allowed. But if Monday's are that bad for you at 30, what must they be like for me at 50? LOL.

The Seeker said...

Hi dear, congrats for the Dior invitation, how nice.
YSL was one of the 3 icons of fashion design of the 20th century that vanished, but the sexy pant suit will remain.

Darling, it's allowed to be depressive some times to times, and get emotional.
You're so young, please try to enjoy your moments, even sad moments make you grow as a person.

Hope you're better.


enc said...

That was purely ironic timing, the arrival of that invitation.