Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Volume speaks louder than words

What’s a girl to do when she stumbles across a ‘must have’ item in a foreign city on a non trading Sunday? Go back on the Monday? I hear you say; £20 Easy Jet tickets are not that flexible. Buy on the web? Says the pretty lady in the back; unfortunately that’s not an option this time. Take pictures of the window display and settle for reading about the label online? Sadly, the latter was my only option when I came across Gratacos and its burst of colour on my recent Spanish adventure – it’s just a shame I can’t read Catalonian.

Back in 1992 I was a huge fan of the bubble hem and often wore my bubble skirts as strapless dresses (very fashion forward for a 14 year old, I must say). I was super excited when the rolled hem made their big return during SS 06/07 and I’m wrapped that they have hung around for the past few years changing only slightly each season in shape and structure.

I’m seeing a strong Viktor and Rolf nod here mixed with some type of Chelsea Flower Show influence – is anyone else picking that up or is my imagination completely off the wall? Drop a mental Philip Treacy creation (if your post code's SW3 & just because he's the man of the mo) or place some type of fabulously high DIY design on your head and you’re off to the races in this purple and white combination.
I’m also loving the green number with a pair of patent red heels (is this a little too much colour?) for something a little different during ball season. Both are brave looks but with Summer finally here it's super fun to break out and be slightly extravagant.

Unfortunately, due to my monolingual abilities and my early morning departures I am unable to speak of history, fabric, design or price in detail. I will, however, endeavour to track down a Catalonian and report back – Anyone? Anyone?

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The Collector said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Your blog is wonderful... so well written! I look forward to following your adventures in London (the hat story is amazing).

Mica said...

Oh, unfortunately I can't help you find out any more information, but I hope you can find out some more info soon, those pieces look really fun!

susie_bubble said...

Such bubble-hemmed goodness...

The Seeker said...

I must check it.
Just to see, because I like the bubble hem in other ladies, not in me.
You should be great in that trend ;)


Ida said...

Oh, I love the outfits of the mannequins! Soooo pretty!

trend de la creme said...


nv said...

oh those poufy dresses are so cute

s.a.a. said...

Ok here is an idea:
1. Find the number/email of the store.
2. Ring up said store and ask if they'll post you said dress/skirt (email them the pic of the one you want)
3. Pay for postage and handling and dress with credit card over phone.

If this fails ask the shop assistant if they would do this personally for you and make the transaction like you would on ebay and offer her a nice little treat!

Hope it works! cause if it was me I would never ever give up and I would keep calling for weeks until they gave in!

love always xoxo