Sunday, 22 June 2008

A story about a hat

One day shy of Ascot and I still needed a hat. What I really needed/wanted was a cloche and not just any cloche; I needed an authentic, 1920's, black, velvet (if possible), cute as a button, cloche. I was not settling for any type of flower fascinator with a spray of feathers, I wanted a cloche and I wouldn’t rest until I found one.

With that, I set out to scourer the dark, grey streets of London town. I visited every thrift, charity, vintage, second hand shop and market in my beloved city, alas, none of the above was found. With one day left to find this elusive commodity, I had just about lost all hope when it finally appeared. There it was in all its glory, I had found it. A stones throw from my office, displayed in the window of a tiny little second hand shop was a black, authentic, 1920's cloche (not felt but beggars can't be chooser right?). I snatched it immediately from the window display (this stealth move is often frowned upon by shop assistants) and took it to the point of purchase.

After a little inspection, the shop owner, let's call her ‘Olga’, declared that "On second thoughts, accessories from the 1920's are extremely rare and I'm not quite sure I want to part with it (inspects condition once again, pauses for effect) actually it's not for sale at all". At this point, I swallowed slowly and became very still. All of a sudden I began to sweat and then panic slightly - "But you must sell it to me, I must have it, I must have that cloche, if I can't have it I will have to change my entire outfit again, head to toe, 24hours prior to the event, that can't happen to me, I don't have the time or the strength for that, you must help me!". I fear at this point the middle aged, eccentric shop owner, wearing a smokers coat and an embellished turban of sorts began to fear for her safety. I’m guessing she decided the best way to deal with this crazy consumer was to negotiate. Olga decided she would hire the cloche to me for a swift 10er if I left her a £50 deposit. Was I in a costume shop? I decided Olga would hire the cloche to me for a quiet 10er and I would leave her only a £20 deposit (I needed that extra 30quid for pimms and champagne). Priorities ladies.

I then left Olga and her smokers coat, super chuffed; believing I had some how won “The Great Battle Of The Cloche” and set off for a fabulous day at the races. Deluded, I tell you, deluded.

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Make Do & Mend said...

Damn Olga and her impertinence!
Had I known about your dilemha I could have sorted you out.
It looks great

Times of Glory said...

Thank you for a lovely comment! You look great too besides the red bus! I love 1920s, the flapper look is so adorable! The dress is beautiful and cloche matched beautifully xxxxxxxxxxx

Dotti said...

Haha! Great story. And your outfit was totally worth all the hassle. Chapeau!

The Seeker said...

Gorgeous, you look gorgeous with your dress and the cloche! The whole pieces match perfectly, also love the gloves.
You made me proud ;)

What a story... but a lady must do what it's needed to find the perfect hat for Ascot!!!

I also want to thank you my dear for your nice and kind comments in my late post. You're so lovely and sweet. Thank you!


Super Kawaii Mama said...

Oh my, you handled that nicely. I think I would have been tempted to play her at her own game, a bit of " Oh such a pity. The several hundred people, who will all be waiting to see my outfit, won't be able to know I bought it here then."

Lady Melbourne said...

Stockings- tick
Hat- tick
Gorgeous vintage dress- tick
Gloves- tick
Perfect racing attire- TICK!

If only more gals could look like you darling, this is just a pleasure to view. I'm sure you must have been one of the best dressed there. Anyone will tell you I am militant about racewear fashion and you have it to a tee. Applause all round.

Imelda Matt said...

LOL!!!! Chances are Olga thought she'd come face to face with a boxing kangaroo and knew better than deny you the Cloche.

ps - you look mighty fierce!

susie_bubble said...

Damn Olga for not selling you the hat...a rent is a compromise though...

Sarah said...

Your outfit is gorgeous and I'm glad that you a least got to borrow the hat.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Wonderful story and lovely outfit, to boot.