Monday, 9 June 2008

Great Expectations

I have no excuse as to why I only saw the movie of the year yesterday, maybe I was scared of disappointment, maybe I was scared of an inevitable ending or maybe I’m just over worked. Whatever the reason, Sunday afternoon saw me finally head to my local Odean (alone) for what was to be the most beautiful movie experience of my life time.

The pictures, the colour, the heart ache – the cinematography was truly something to behold.

For those who are yet to treat their eyes, be prepared for sheer beauty in all forms. Patricia Field certainly brought us a true delight.

Mud highlights included:

Running through the snow on New Years Eve.
The deep coloured attendants and the bridal bird.
The anger of the bridesmaid in black.
The closet.
The great loves.
The end.

Is it weird that I now wear pearls to bed? The boyfriend thinks so.
Ps. After my Burberry drama last month I was holding onto seeing the blue coat (above right) on the big screen as I had been lucky enough to ‘touch’ it at the infamous AW08 trunk show. Alas, it didn’t make the cut and neither did the tights or the white shuboots, they weren’t missed (esp the balloon arrangement) but I figured they couldn't be left out.

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Make Do & Mend said...

Yes all so fab...oh and if you read a post by Disney Roller Girl maybe you won't feel so bad about the Burberry drama!

Cheryl Lynn said...

How horribily lovely! Don't feel bad, I have yet to experiecnce the fashionable cinementography. And dare I say, I too shall more than likely be traipsing alone...

The Seeker said...

I'm glad you've enjoyed the movie.
I don't know when I'm going to see it... :(


Sarah said...

I loved the anger of the bridesmaid in black as well!

Imelda Matt said...

I'm scared to ask, the pearls aren't of the thong variety? Well! we're taking SATC, so anything goes!

pretty face said...

Hmmm I have to say I found the pearls to bed a slightly ridiculous touch... maybe they comforted her!

Anonymous said...

I just hope that when you are sitting in the front row you look less miserable they they do...I always thought you had a striking resemblance to Kelly Osbourne (you're much prettier of course!)

shenley_girl said...

omg!! i also thought that the movie was truely fabulous! I actully lost myself in new york/ mexico for the 2, nearly 3 hours it was on for!!

the clothes were amasing and i think they make every want a big wardrobe filled with everything carrie ever owned!

Such a magnificent end to such a wonderful series!

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