Thursday, 19 June 2008

Vitamin D V's Gaudi

Who ever said Navy was the new Black was most certainly not Spanish.

I've just returned from 5 glorious days in Barcelona (sucks to be me) and there is no doubt that the Spanish high street is alive and well bursting with all the colours of the Spanish Sol. The usual suspects, Zara and Mango made a huge appearance (I counted 6 of each in the city center alone) no surprises there. Super brand Custo (new to me - have I been living under a rock?) was HUGE in every sense of the word, taking multi colour to another whole level. Our favourite Spaniards, Massimo Dutti and Designal were packed with American tourists searching for something specifically Euro along with Londoners looking to pick up a few of their favs less 2 or 3 quid (these are my approximate estimations after many hours of price tag examination).

Although at first I was a little disappointed, finding the main strips simply a slightly prettier, less crowded environment to purchase Regent Street merchandise. I was super inspired by the brave use of colour, especially off the beaten track amongst local designers (more of that to come). I declared this plethora of colourful fabrics - the Gaudi effect, however, my travel mate put it down to the fact that excess Vitamin D gives you some type of colour braveness (she could have made that phrase up after our 3rd jug of Sangria). What ever it is, I dig it and I’m off to follow the Plaza Real rule and don some type of canary yellow blouse, eat small morsels of tapas goodness and practice my Spanish vowels.

Now, can someone fill me in on this Custo phenomenon? Because I'm not really feeling it.

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pretty face said...

Custo barcelona, yes?

I know it's a comparatively old brand, I had a top from there about 3/4 years ago. It was pretty vile, passed on from someone else who probably had it for a good couple of years. It was black, with this weird orange vine detail going up the top, then orange bits at the top of the sleeve nd leopard print arms. The neckline was crochet.

Odd description I know. I kept it for a while (not wearing) because Phoebe from Friends wore a very similar Custo Barcelona top!

I hope you had fun.

Imelda Matt said...

Custo is like a poor mans Pucci and that's all I've got to say on the matter! My TB present isn't as fab as your naming dropping the despot at RA. It's a tough act to follow.

I was beginning to wondering if my little 'muddy one' had been sold into white slavery, welcome

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

how fun! i can't believe how popular mango and zara are in spain! we have one zara here and i'm semi-obsessed...just hate that the clothes aren't available online.

The Seeker said...

Hi dear, how great you've been on a trip in Barcelona. I think Barcelona is great. I had been there but just for a day, between towns and I want so much to return there.
I also think spanish women are wearing the bold colours of summer (a bit of what I'm doing ;) and I think it's so nice.

I hope you'll enjoy Royal Ascot (how chic!) and I'm so glad I was some sort of inspiration with my pic. Thank you sweetie for telling me! It was really nice of you.
I'll look forwoard to see some photos.

Have a great time darling.

Cheryl Lynn said...

So glad you're back safe. Hope you had a great time in Barcelona!

Wow, Barcelona, I want my life to suck like yours :.)

Thanks for the hilarious comment on my blog. You are such a cutie!

Cammila said...

Looks like a beautiful trip (except for the Custo!)

Flat Broke Fab Ashleigh... said...

Absolutely LOVE Barcelone! You're so lucky, i've been craving a trip there recently! what could be better than a city...with a beach!



CoutureCarrie said...

I smiled at your Casa Mila (or la Pedrera, as they call it in Barcelona) reference. Brilliant! I like Custo for fun tops and such, and their runway shows are flamboyant. But I agree with what Imelda said, too. Your blog is wonderful - love the name :)

Boy In Boston Now In London said...

Now I might just be another Ignoramus Downunderus, but what are people trying to say about Custo? Love it/Hate it? I think the bloke's stuff if FANtastic! Colour! Finally!?!

I'm off to Barcelona in a few weeks, so if there's any other pearls of wisdom you can bestow upon this weary traveller, by all means do..

fashion herald said...

I first saw Custo in DC Neiman's - feel like all the print shirts came out after Gaulthier did those sheer printed tops. Occasionally you can score a pretty one on sale that's not too jacked up.

Nadine said...

Dunno what to think about Custo but I liked Desigual because it was soooo colorful. Bought a Tee there. Spain rocks :p
Great blog Francis :)

Rosa said...

Oh I live in Barcelon and personaly hate this (fake and manufactured) approach to spanish street style. People hear dont really wear that stuff! Desigual got into trouble recetnly for apparetnly stealing custo designs. I stick to the boutiques in less tourist s
areas and staples from h&m and pull&bear! Next time your over give me a buzz and Ill take u to the vintage shops and more unusual (and wearable,who looks good in those pattern anyway??) shops :-)
R xxx