Monday, 19 May 2008

When Issey met Hadid

Cathedral ceilings and pleating - 2 of my great loves living happily together under one roof, this my friends is exhibition dreamland. I saw Saturday's raining miserableness as the perfect opportunity to wander around Skin + Bones down at the ever lovely Somerset House. With the fear of sounding cheesy and somewhat like a Somerset House copy writer, it really is a must see for design lovers and on a more personal note, the perfect way to kick off my weekend.
This wonderful wonderland of buildings and fabric takes foundation and structure to a whole new level, paralleling never before (in this brain anyway) thought of themes such as shelter, structure, geometry and identity. The links between the two practices are fused in a smooth and easily identifiable curation helping those who may only be concerned with one or the other form to appreciate how they are both linked and complement each other so beautiful.

I'm not a huge advocate of taking pictures inside museums or public houses that clearly state "no flash photography" but I just had to capture what I was seeing. I took the literal term, turned off my flash and happy snapped away bringing you this snippet of what was simply a stunning collaboration of two of the world's most intricate and beautiful art forms.

The final highlight for me was the book shop, always cleverly situated at the exit of the exhibition. Here lay every big gun fashion and architecture book that has ever been published -
this is what coffee table book dreams are made of I tell you. I spent a good hour flicking, mulling and touching the pages, until I was hurried along and taken for a glass of wine underground at Gordon's, yet another piece of London architectural brilliance. Today I love my rainy, grey, terribly fashionable city and tomorrow........ well tomorrow is Monday.

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Giselle said...

damn...I just left you this long ass comment and it just dissapeared! ok, basically the frilly underwear is a good idea, seeing as I hadnt actually thought about what I was going to wear under it and here is the link:


Anonymous said...

You have convinced me!!!
That the Architural brilliance is well worth the grey rainey cold weather that you have to tollerate for such a big part of the year is worth it, BUT it is the gateway to the world so that gives it a big plus.
High fashion is difficult in the tropics and that is a big part of our year

susie_bubble said...

I wasn't even allowed to take pics period...! Glad you liked it.... such a great space too...

Make Do & Mend said...

Oh very inspirtional....the joy of London

Dotti said...

Thank you for this appetising review, a perfect symbiose of words and images... I just put you on my roll in order not to miss out on something.