Wednesday, 14 May 2008

These are a few of my favourite things

If I was to list the top 3 things I miss most about the mother land it would look something like this:

1.Soft Water (apparently this exists)

2.Vitamin D (the natural type)

I’m a huge advocate of finishing off a look with some type of hair/head accessory. Hat, scarf, ribbon, feather, hell I’ll put a basket of flowers on my head if I think it pulls the outfit together, however, I tend to continually search unsuccessfully for pretty, on trend, special hair attire here in the UK.

MIMCO undoubtedly shines as Australia's leading fashion accessories brand and sits sweetly in an exclusive position between luxury designer and high street brands. There is simply no comparison on product design and exclusivity here in the UK. A plastic head band from Claire’s for example, is a bit like a lucky dip, you never know what you're going to get. Generally their £2 bands are so tight and rough around the edges that they leave you with a behind the ears headache and a nasty “I was wearing a head band earlier” line indented in your do - an issue that one doesn’t have to worry about when purchasing an ergonomically designed MIMCO hair accessory. Price of course will double even triple with the purchase of MIMCO over Claire’s, provoking the question – do we only get what we pay for?

Accessorize is a cheap and sometimes nasty version of MIMCO but once again it’s a lucky a dip. I have a lovely beaded clutch I’ve used for years from Accessorize but have found every pair of own brand tights to have laddered in the first 5 minutes or tend to bunch, giving me a bad case of elephant ankles, not great considering height at 165cm is clearly an issue here. I have never been disappointed with a MIMCO product (bag, scarf or hair product) and have always got more than my monies worth out of their high use. What Im chasing now is an answer to this accessory heaven here in London.

At one point I heard a rumour that this retail dream was moving into high profile locations across the UK and Ireland, the first due to open around September 2007, hhhmmmm I strongly believe I have my finger on the London fashion pulse and I'm yet to hear about any MIMCO stand alone boutiques, concession spaces or wholesale relationships here in London, have you?

2 of life's little luxuries - boyfriends and MIMCO hair decoration

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susie_bubble said...

Note to self... if I'm ever down in Francis' motherland, will check out MIMCO...
I'm thinking you miss the boyf more than MIMCO right...?

Angie hearts said...

oooo~ I like your headband, I'm so into accessories too! and huge on earrings~ heh

Cheryl Pastor said...

Imagine my surprise...

To find your comment on my blog. So nice to meet you, Francis. I love your style of writing. You are my no 2 london connection, Susie Bubble being my first. I love your blog. It has a great air of sophistication without being stuffy.

I would love to do a link exchange with you, if possible. Let me know what you think. I haven't been able to write as much as I would like, but that's going to change this summer. Hope we can keep in touch.

The Seeker said...

Thank you for visited my blog and left such nice words.
I didn't know yours, but I'm loving it, so I'll come back often.
Feel free to come back again.

Love your headband.

Would you like to exchange links?


Imelda Matt said...

Yes, soft's bliss! The sale of the MIMCO has shaken things up, so plans have been shelved. I'll 'be sure to keep you informed when things are good-to-go!

We must trade links.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

So I must ask, are you wearing the headband upside-down (which looks amazing) or are MIMCO accessories made with the gems on the under part? SO cute!

JuliAM said...

oh i love love love that headband

Gracie said...

Great photo of the boyfriendand the diamond ring

yuudamo said...

A bit late but... Fear not! It's true. Mimco is opening up in the UK.

Here are a list of stores