Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Blow Out

A fifth member of the SATC team seemed to steal the thunder from our 4 favourite New Yorkers last night. It wasn’t BIG or do we now have a license to call him ‘John’ nor was it the ridiculous, out this world hotness of Samatha’s toy boy Smith or do we call him Gerard? more to the point were they even there?

For me, the star by far of last nights red carpet moment was a stunning lime green flora and fauna creation that sat firmly on the side of the ever lovely SJP’s head. Ugliest women alive – I think not. Yet again, artisan Philip Treacy steals the lime light (another outstanding play on words by yours truly) from his client and basks in the glory of his millinery brilliance.

Let's take this moment to view a few of his previous works paying special attention to the late Isabella Blow. Blow, the worlds most eccentric and slightly peculiar fashion director was Treacy's most stanch supporter – even renting out her basement flat to the hat maker for 3 years keeping him on hand to create outlandish and surreal creations at a minutes notice.
  • Butler Check

  • Driver Check

  • Personal Milliner hat making in the basement Check
She is truly missed, however, still manages to steal the show from beyond, quite a fashionable and extravagant achievement really and today we thank her for that – enjoy.

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Imelda Matt said...

I'm on the verge of a SATC breakdown, so it was nice she SJP upstaged by that divine PT creation. But then she knew exactly what she was doing by wearing it and we're all taking about it!

IB is sadly missed...but she'll be in fashion heaven, chain smoking, popping pills and lounging about in some heavenly PT creation wondering what all the fuss is about!

susie-bubble said...

Hmmm... I REALLY want to agree with you seeing as I adore Isabella Blow and all things hat-related....the thing is though, I felt like the Treacy creation looked rather forced on SJP... as if she was saying 'Hey, I'm in London... I need a really outrageous hat...'.... dunno maybe I need more time to think this one through... love the hat.... but just somehow SJP didn't do it for me wearing the hat...

Make Do & Mend said...

I love these Isabella Blow photos and her hat wearing obsession but never particulalry admired her for a whole host of reasons.
I think SJP was saying 'hey I'm London' and that sort of fits with the Patricia Fields risk taking Carrie styling.
It was a good statement and perhaps SJP didn't wear it well or it wasn't the right hat, good talking point lots of diverse views.

A dreamer said...

hay thanks for sharing the photos. they are really wonderful.
i can't wait for the SATC movie!!

AlicePleasance said...

I think the "Hey I'm in London" worked. It was SATC movie premiere, it could be this way... I liked the entire outfit.

Sarah said...

Well SJP has certainly got us all talking which was probably the point. I love the hat on her it makes a great statement.