Monday, 31 March 2008

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

I am not going to bother writing more than 100 words on Gossip Girl as it simply does not deserve it. For all its gloss and preppy style it didn’t shape up to my expectations what so ever.

Think of every televsion clich̩ you have ever seen in any Americana soap/teen movie, add some seriously one dimensional characters and you have the over rated new drama GG. Uber rich families with deep, dark skeletons in their closets, self obsessed teens with dirty martini drinking problems, posh boys with posh fathers who want them to go to Dartmoth and would you believe the boys want to go to Brown!!!! blar blar blar yawn yawn yawnРseen it all before.

I am so terribly embarrassed that I carried on about it so much and even stooped so low that I bagged Carrie and her infamous corsage. After watching episode one of this truly pathetic attempt at television I began to recall the excitement, the tears, the laughs and the inspiration we all received from the SATC ladies and realised just how much I miss them and their crazy shoe buying ways. Bring back the corsages, bring back the stolen silver Manolos, bring back the sordid love affairs with/in NYC bring on May 30th, I’m going out to reserve my movie ticket now and cant apologise enough x

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