Monday, 17 March 2008

Me And My Tea Dress

How does one open her very special, brand new blog?
Something witty? Thought provoking? Inspirational even?
I figured I'd go for vital stats and a simple introduction.

On these pages I plan to comment, collect, photoshop and generally chit chat about all things that I find aesthetically pleasing and stylish from my current high end fashion crushes (that I fear I will never be able to afford) to the excitement I get from finding unique one off second hand pieces in and about London town. I love collecting magazines and the smell of opening a new edition along with milling around old dusty book fairs (however I can't purchase any at the moment as I'm living abroad, books + travel = logistical nightmare and sore arms). I also currently walk aimlessly around European antique furniture markets wishing I had a home all of my own to put it all in alas I simply take pictures that sit alone and sad on a memory card and hopefully one day will be used as part of a mood board as inspiration when decorating my very own flat.

In my questionable 20's I believe that over the years I have managed to create an individual sense of style with a dash of quirkiness "slightly Parisian with an artistic flair" a very kind friend once said, however, an old colleague was once over heard saying "kind of English rose with a little too much around the middle" note: Im neither English nor (at that point) carried too much around my middle, not so complementary but as the great novelist once said "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about" oh to have been a friend of Mr Wildes.

I am a beginner in the world of blogging and due to this ask for your patience, I am by no means a professional or an expert on what's hot and what's not, I'm just a girly girl who likes pretty things I do however hope you enjoy the words that will unfold here and admire the pretty pictures I post.

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