Thursday, 27 March 2008

Gossip Girl

How did I miss this? How did I not know of these books? When did this ridiculously gorgeous program launch on our airways? Is it even on in London yet?

Maybe all of you "come to my flat we have Sky" people are already 'so' ahead of me or maybe the fact that I don’t even have a television, yes , its official I don’t own a television and yes there have been cases where major international issues have come to the fore front, are dealt with appropriately or inappropriately and then they go away again and I completely miss the whole thing; makes for a very bad dinner guest and awkward questions such as "the war on who?" * God forbid I would miss such a major turning point in fashionable television though. At long last we can all stop lording the oversized corsage of Carrie 'who should have stayed with Aiden' Bradshaw. It’s been 5 years ladies move the hell on and keep up.

All hail the preppy New York private school fashion of Leighton Meesters alter ego Blair, she is by far the biggest fashion crush I have had for quite some time. Bring on navy blazers, red, white and blue stripes, ruffles, head bands and over the knee socks, I’m in private school fashion heaven. I want to squeal I’m so excited at my find… all I have to do now is get one of those TV License thingys???

* disclaimer: my ignorance towards current affairs has been exaggerated for reader effect. Honest.

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Lucibell said...

A fellow Australian and previous Londoner now residing in Jakarta I am loving your blog. It is fabulous! Had to laugh at "Bring on navy blazers, red, white and blue stripes" I am sitting here in a Ben Sherman red, white and navy stripe blazer!!! Probably more appropriate for Henley Regatta than 33 degree heat in Jakarta, but the office aircon requires a dress code more akin to about 18 degrees....
Keep writing - it's wonderfully entertaining.