Thursday, 31 July 2008

I Heart London

The undiscovered talent in this city is out of control. Those ragged music students riding the tube in ultra/skinny/slouchy black jeans lugging instrument cases much larger than themselves - the new Chris Martin possibly? That random dude with tattoos, spray painting a sleeping train somewhere in South London – Bansky anyone?

……and of course the most inspiring for me are those ridiculously fashionable students of the art, housed under the roof of many a fashion school here in our fashion capital.

Introducing Matcho Suba

Reigning from his homeland of Slovakia, skipping his third year and approaching his Masters at the London College of Fashion – Take a bow Mud, I think you have stumbled upon greatness with this one. We were lucky enough to scam a few private pics of Suba on his latest shoot with his 2nd year featured piece, an outstanding voluminous canary yellow mohair number. So very avant-garde and just gorgeous. 

Suba is most certainly another up and coming talented London face to watch. So many fabulous faces just not enough UK VISA time.

11 people have commented:

pretty face said...

That shoot looks amazing! I adore the balloon and the clothes, I can't decide which more!!!

fashion herald said...

doesn't that model look like nicole kidman?!
so interesting, that yellow dress with the netting? I want to see the final shots!

Always In Style said...

Fantastic pics!

TheLifeEnjoyer said...

now that you mention Banksy. This shoot has an undeniable air from "girl with balloon" from Banksy.

strikeapose said...

That's a way cool shoot! I love the last one. And no, unfortunately I don't believe they sell that Chanel powder in London :(

Make Do and Mend said...

Ah Banksy - he is from Bristol and he once annoyed one of my friends by decorating their wall - but then they sold it all intact for thousands!

Can't wait to get back to the London college of Fashion, term starts on the 22nd of Sept I'll be a new girl!!

Kira Fashion said...

Fantastic, i do love the big heart!


a kiss!!!

Imelda Matt said...

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! None that's what I call a real find!!!

Lady Melbourne said...

People used to say to me, 'What is go great about living in London,' and I would try to explain things like this but words sometimes just don't cut it. Your pictures do, what a wonderful thing to stumble upon!
I heart London too!

The Seeker said...

Yeah! Great pictures!!!!

Love your new headear too.


bear said...

such amazing shots, love them.